MathHammer 40K 8th Edition

I have tried to cater to every aspect of Warhammer 40K game, for every faction. Profiles that you can save mean you can quickly load your favourite units and your enemy's favourite units.

MathHammer also runs analysis on all your profiles at the tap of a button. Perhaps you have 5 attack profiles and 5 defend profiles - MathHammer can tell you quickly which of your attacking profiles performs the best against each of the defender profiles.

Available inputs;

  • Shots
  • Ballistic Skill
  • Weapon Strength
  • Weapon AP
  • Weapon Damage
  • Target Toughness
  • Target Wounds
  • Target Save
  • Target Invulnerable Save
  • Points for "Return on Investment"

Streamline your MathHammer usage by using saved profiles and full Profile Analysis. Instantly see how each of your Attack profiles performs against any of your Defend profiles.

Special abilities can also be taken into account to ensure your results are accurate;

  • Failed Wound and Hit re-rolls
  • Modified (positive and negative) Wound and Hit rolls
  • Mortal Wounds on a specific wound roll
  • Extra Damage on a Wound of 6+
  • Quantum Shielding
  • Serpent Shield
  • (More) Dakka Dakka
  • Haywire
  • Salamanders
  • Tesla style "Exploding Sixes"
  • "Feel No Pain" style saves
  • Save and Invulnerable Save re-rolls

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Includes Extra Hits for Tesla


Includes Auto Wounds


Includes Mortal Wounds


Includes Mortal Wounds





What is 'MathHammer'?

MathHammer takes the average outcome of the dice and determines the final outcome. This enables Warhammer 40K players to determine how well one unit will perform against another unit - on average.


Tip #1 Overwatch

Mimic Overwatch for a unit by setting the Firer's BS to 6.

Tip #2 Cover

Mimic Cover by improving the Save by 1.

Tip #3 D6 Shots

Supported inputs for Number of Shots and Weapon Damage:

D6 2D6 3D6 4D6 D3 2D3 D3+3 D6+3 D6MIN3

Tip #4 Auto Hits

Input 'A' for BS if the weapon Auto Hits - e.g. Flamers.

Tip #5 Snipers

Enter 'S' or 'Sniper' or 'Snipe' for Damage to mimic the Sniper rule of causing an additional 1 Mortal Wound for rolls of a 6+.

Tip #6 Dice Inputs

See droll library or the Standard Dice Notation for examples.

Does not support Melta, see Tip #7 for Melta.

Tip #7 Melta

Enter 'M' or 'Melta' for Damage to mimic the Melta rule causing 1D6 damage but from two rolls and picking the highest.

Tip #8 Salamanders

You now mimic the one re-roll that Salamanders get for failed to hit and to wound rolls.

Tip #9 Pick Highest Shots from 2D6

Enter '2D6HI'for the number of shots if you roll 2D6 and pick the highest result.

Tip #10 Poison

Enter 'P' for the Weapon Strength to have the Wound roll to always be 4+.

Tip #11 Poison 2+

Enter 'P2' for the Weapon Strength to have the Wound roll to always be 2+.

Tip #12 Equivalents

Select an Equivalent to see how your attack fair against the 4 standard Defender Stats.

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